Iv been eating lots and its so horrible. Today i had lots of grapes to work as a detox and i think it worked but i ate lots of brownie which probably counteracts tge whole detox thing. Im in the middle of exam week with the end of year exams coming up soon not really … More :/

Thigh gap!

After a horrible week of eating so much, today i noticed that i had a thigh gap when i stood up. This is the first time iv has a thigh gap when standing and im looking forward to the holidays where I’ll have more time to exercise.  (Dont have a photo yet) This is my … More Thigh gap!

V quick

I am constantly in a bad mood. I cant stop eating and i a truly over everyone getting in my face about everything. This week isnt going to be a good one.

Famliy portrait.

I have a family portrait kind of family. Where they will let me do waht i want if theres others around, give me privacy and help me with things. But as soon as its just me, my brother and parents, they take things from me and keep barging into the bathroom and my bedroom. Between … More Famliy portrait.

Breaking point

Idk what to do or who to tell. In my last post i talked avout depression and suicide. After my first failed attempt at drowning in the bath tub i feel like complete and utter shit. I am not supporting suicide but this is my only place to vent. I probably sat there for an … More Breaking point

Head space

Hey guys. I havent been posting a lot lately because i haven’t been feeling the best. As much as i support thinspo and weight loss, i dont support depression, suicide and self harm. But thats been how im feeling recently. I knew that if i posted, it wouldnt be as up beat or inspirational as … More Head space


this is the first time ive logged onto my laptop with wordpress and it doesnt look as good compared to on y phone so sorry to anyone that is disapointed with my blog. im having trouble sticking to a diet. it wa the last week of school and weve had celebratory dinners, shared lunches and … More distractions