Today i was sick so i only ate a peach, chops, potatos, plum and an iceblock. I think i threw up most of the peach but now I feel hungry and I’m going to a birthday party tomorrow. Ill most likely eat loads but hopefully ill stick to the salads and make one myself 🙂 … More 29.4.16

Record everything

In recording everything you eat, you can work out which things to cut down and find better options for those meals or snacks. Each day I’ll post what I’ve eaten so i can get feedback on better ideas or just to keep myself updated. I may not post every day due to where I am … More Record everything


I want to get this blog on the road so I’ll be posting what ever simple tips I see in my news feed. This first one that jumped out at me was drawing your food before you eat it or drawing the food that you want to eat. I think this would be a good … More Procrastination

First post

This blog is just a typical thinspo blog to keep me occupied. Im new to this and am only just starting so it’ll be slow and may not go anywhere. Its also a place I can record my progress because everything else I’ve keeping my data on, I lost it. My beginning weight is 66.9 … More First post