Bad brownie

I cant hold food in my stomach. I make a mug brownie (brownie cooked in a cup) and straight after i had to sit on the toilet. I think its cozz im used to small amounts of food at a time. I can eat loads but in a stretched amount of time not one sitting … More Bad brownie

Happy day

Today i like my legs 🙂 Some days they look like shit and other days they’ll look amazing. I like them and idc if u think otherwise.


Idk how word press works but its just a vent for me right now and I’ve been feeling like shit for ages. I hardly eat all week then binge at the end of the week and durning to weekends. I have no idea how im going to loose 10 kgs. Im hopefully going to start … More 😦


So todays calorie limit was 500… Thats didnt work out. Iv have four pieces of toast, hit chips, chocolate muffin, pudding and milk. I dont even want to know how many calories that is. Tomorrow im going to have and apple for breakfast, salad and banana for lunch and depending if dinner is healthy or … More ABC DAY 1

Lollies and ABC

Yesterday it ate shit loads of lollies and im literally eating more as i type this. Im starting the ABC diet tomorrow when school starts again and hopefully I’ll learn some restraint from bad foods. Inspiration of the day and ABC: