Kik thinspo

Iv created a kik thinspo group for anyone that needs a buddy to help lose weight. There are only 3 members right now, 47 spots left. If you need anyone to talk to, my private kik is also available 🙂 Advertisements

Ana buddy-kik

It takes alot to keep to your goals so im letting anyone talk to me on kik. I may not be online alot but its better than doing it alone. If i get alot of people, ill make one bag group chat but you can still talk to me privately :*

Quick update

So after a few weeks of unhealthy eating, i have created a goal that will last me till this time next year. I play on loosing 10 kgs in time for my senior ball. This time next year i plan on being 55kgs. Im going to achieve this by swimming twice a week at the … More Quick update