40 hour famine FAIL

So i recently did the 40 hour famine, no eating. Last time i did it was 2 years ago when i was chubby and ate alot before hand. This year im 65 kgs with an unhealthy diet… so it didnt go so well.

This year, during my no eating, i got my period and my body is very sensitive for that couple days, so i was pale, dizzy, tired and i had to finish my 40 hours half a day early because i couldn’t move around the house without sitting down every 20 seconds.

After my famine, i ate so much junk food and now am hating my body even though it is still smaller than what i usually looks like when im on my period.

Tip of the day; if your due for your period, make sure your eating healthy and if your going to do the 40 hour famine, eat a large meal before hand 🙂


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