Quick update

So after a few weeks of unhealthy eating, i have created a goal that will last me till this time next year.

I play on loosing 10 kgs in time for my senior ball. This time next year i plan on being 55kgs.

Im going to achieve this by swimming twice a week at the public pools, skipping pudding and cutting down on lunch and dinner.

I usually only have an apple for breakfast but will then but something fatty from the school canteen. Ill stop buying food and only eat the minimum from what im given.

Ill only have the healthy foods provided for lunch and not the unhealthy things. For dinner, ill either skip it or have small amounts.

Ill try be more active after school; clean my room instead of sleeping or going on my phone.

Ill go to sleep earlier so im not to tired all the time.

For inspiration, ill find small, sliming ball dresses and my goal is to get to their size. 🙂


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