Things the internet might or might not know

So im having alot of trouble sticking to my diets but i have noticed some habits that iv created over the weeks (months).

● squating before going to the bathroom. (For number 2) i have a sensitive, screwed up digestive system and squating before going to the bathroom is really good for the last part of food digestion  (if that makes sence)

● Sims 3 or 4 is a good inspiration for thinspo. Its as easy as creating what you look like now and then dragging the skinny-fat tab up or down to create what you would look like at the end of your goal.

Other commonly heard ideas

○ drink before you eat, or drink lots and skip the meat all together.

○create a support group. I have a thinspo group up now and we talk on a daily basis. Also a great way to meet people.

○distractions or to do list to keep you busy. I usually find myself bored and searching through the kitchen for something to eat.

Ill talk more next week, but for niw im tired and have troule spelling 🙂


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