Modeling and candy bars

My original thinspo goal was going to be over by next year but after a lot of late night thinking, I’ve decided to continue my weight loss because I have decided i want to take up modeling.

Not the Hollywood lingerie models or anything but just casual advertising stuff that will keep me in my toes about my weight more. And if I’m going to lose all this weight, may as well show everyone, right? 

All i need to do is make sure i have small enough hips and chest and then I’ll either wait till I’m out of the house or ask my parents if i can start sometime soon šŸ™‚


My parents obviously dont know anything about what im trying to achieve and i get that they are trying to be nice and all but on the way home from school, mum bought me a moro chocolate bar with 304 calories in it. I knew it would have lots of calories and i knew i would regret it but 300?! How the hell am i ment to keep that from turning into fat?

Iv started using the bike-tredmill thing (?) And it counts how many calories i lose in every work out so iv been using that every day, losing 100-200 calories each sitting and it honestly makes me feel good afterwards which is great when i need to ait down for homework and makes it easier to be positively productive.

Im ment to be doing homework now but my laptop jas to update, thats why I’m writing this quick update šŸ™‚

I dont have any new thinspo pics so heres my kik group if anyone wants to have any thinspo buddies šŸ™‚


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