Famliy portrait.

I have a family portrait kind of family. Where they will let me do waht i want if theres others around, give me privacy and help me with things. But as soon as its just me, my brother and parents, they take things from me and keep barging into the bathroom and my bedroom.

Between the time of me making dinner and making tomorrows lunch, dad went into my room and hid my laptop somewhere in the house. Knowing fully well that i dont like my things touched, especially my electronics. They know i have separation anxiety from the smallest things and will think irrationally when something is taken from me.

So tonight sounds depressing.

Any who, onto thinspo. Since i binged brwonie and cookies with no exercise this weekend, i going to have only salad for lunch, vegies for dinner and no snacks or breakfast  (the breakfast part depends on weather mum watching). I cant count how much weight i gain or lose unless im at nanas (since i font own scales) but im aiming to lose a KG in the bext 2 weeks 🙂


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